About Principles

Principles is the free bimonthly periodical of Christendom College.

Animated by the joyful, lived experience of the faith, Principles draws on the fruits of an authentically Catholic liberal arts education to explore the ideas necessary to live a fully-integrated Catholic life: one that upholds the value of human dignity, the role of virtue in private and public spheres, and the centrality of charity in both thought and action. We envision a Church—and a watching world—that embraces sound reason rooted in a robust faith.

The opinions expressed in Principles are not necessarily the views of Christendom College.

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Please feel free to share content from Principles using the sharing and printing buttons provided on our site. Permission is also granted for any website to republish up to one paragraph of essay text, if a hyperlink to the original essay page on getprinciples.com is provided, with an explicit acknowledgment of Principles as the content source. The PDF version of the essay (or the mailed print edition) may be freely reprinted and redistributed in hard copy, provided it is distributed in its entirety without omission of content or typesetting. For further republication permission requests, please use the “Contact Us” link below.

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