By Dixie Dillon Lane

In this lecture, Christendom College professor Dr. Dixie Dillon Lane examines the rights and responsibilities of both families and governments in education:

“In the United States, education has always been a dance between two partners: the family and the wider community. I would like us to take a look together at one example of how this double view of education—the view that it is both a public and a private good, and that both families and governments have rights and responsibilities towards the education of children—has presented itself historically and in the present day through the example of American homeschooling. The phenomenon of ‘public homeschooling’ in particular shows that teachers, families, and communities—and even governments and experts—can still work together to meet the needs and responsibilities of all interested parties.”



About the Speaker

Dixie Dillon Lane, Ph.D., has served since 2014 on the faculty of Christendom College, where she teaches popular courses in American history and in the recent history of global Catholicism. She received her Ph.D. in history in 2015 from the University of Notre Dame, where her dissertation was entitled “Skipping School: Homeschooling in Los Angeles, 1950-2010.” Her areas of historical research—which she has presented in numerous scholarly and popular fora—have included education, American Catholicism, Mormonism, and the American West.