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It can be challenging to live as a dedicated Catholic in today’s world

  • Do you sometimes feel like you are alone in the battle against secularism?
  • Are you upset that Catholic institutions are losing their identity?
  • Are you concerned that our children are losing their faith at an alarming rate?

Principles gives you the tools you need to live and defend the faith. Principles essays are:

  • Clear and easy to read
  • Provide faith-filled guidance on important issues of faith and culture
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Principles is Publication of Christendom College, a faithful Catholic college committed to the Magisterium of the Church.


faithful Catholics who trust Principles today

Christendom College sets “a standard for fidelity and traditional education against which all other liberal arts colleges are measured.”

- The Newman Guide


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“Principles is a unique opportunity to enjoy insightful and thought-provoking content on timely issues pertaining to faith and culture. I keep every issue….I value them that much!”

- Jay Robison

Retired Physician and Volunteer Youth Mentor, Albuquerque, New Mexico

I truly trust Principles for faith-filled guidance in thinking about important issues of faith and culture. Principles powerfully defends the truth and maintains fidelity to our Catholic faith.

- Elizabeth Frauenhoffer

Professor of Pathology and Third Order Carmelite, Hershey, PA

Popular Essays

What Is Sacred Music?

By Dr. Kurt Poterack

Is sacred music just music with religious lyrics? Is it music that pleases people and, in some way, moves them toward God? Is it totally subjective? Is it totally objective? Most people might say that sacred music is simply music used in the context of a religious service or for a religious purpose.

Essential Potential: Settling the ‘Woman’ Question

By Dr. Abigail Favale

The classic dystopian novel Brave New World features a totalitarian society that has completely separated human reproduction from sexual activity. Human beings are mass produced and engineered into a caste system; from infancy, their desires are shaped and conditioned to keep them happily enslaved to the social system.

Responding to ‘Cancel Culture’ with Truth, Goodness, and Beauty

By Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone

You likely remember, as I do, that tense moment in April 2019 when the whole world (Catholics and non-Catholics alike) looked on in shock as flames threatened to destroy Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. It was an uncanny moment of unity in suffering together as we witnessed the potential loss of an ancient, soaring beauty—the beauty of that great cathedral which has meant so much to so many over the centuries. I am still struck at how the whole world, regardless of faith affiliation or lack thereof, mourned the destruction of that great edifice to the glory and majesty of God.

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