By P. Bracy Bersnak

In this lecture, Christendom College professor Dr. P. Bracy Bersnak provides much needed insight on principles for Catholic participation in contemporary politics:

“It has never been more important for Roman Catholics to participate in politics than it is now. Not just because we have a basic responsibility to contribute to the common good of our country, but because our very freedom to live in accordance with the teachings of our Faith is being threatened.  So it worth considering the principles that should guide a Catholic in contemporary politics.”



About the Speaker

P. Bracy Bersnak is Assistant Professor of Political Science and Economics at Christendom College. He received his B.A. from Miami University, before earning two M.A.s and his Ph.D. in political theory from the Catholic University of America.  The chairman of the department of political science and economics at Christendom, Bersnak is a popular lecturer on various topics, including political theory, the social teachings of the Church, and the thought of Blessed John Henry Newman. He has been published in The American SpectatorCrisis Magazine, and more.