By John Cuddeback

In this lecture, Christendom College professor Dr. John Cuddeback examines the degradation of manners in society and why these seemingly inconsequential conventions are key in restoring Western Civilization:

“Manners, in the sense of shared or customary forms that cover social comportment, are vanishing. In  large segments of society and some areas of life, they are practically gone. Perhaps what is most alarming is that a growing number of people are not even conscious of the loss, at least, in part, because they have never known anything else. This is not to say that they don’t ‘feel it,’ but rather they do not grasp what it is that they are missing. And so, they live in ignorance of the power and importance of the manners that we do not have. Those who are conscious of it, usually the older among us, find themselves baffled and isolated. ‘How could this have happen,’ they wonder, ‘and what can we do?'”



About the Speaker

John A. Cuddeback, who holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the Catholic University of America, is chairman of the Philosophy Department at Christendom College. He frequently writes and lectures, on a variety of philosophical and cultural topics, for both scholarly and popular audiences. His academic writings have appeared in The Review of MetaphysicsThe Thomist, and Nova et Vetera, as well as in several volumes published by the American Maritain Association. His book, True Friendship: Where Virtue Becomes Happiness, was republished in 2010, and his website,, is dedicated to the philosophy of family and household. A lay Dominican, Professor Cuddeback is also an avid gardener and hunter; he lives with his wife and six children in the Shenandoah Valley.