By Brendan McGuire

In this lecture, Christendom College professor Dr. Brendan J. McGuire provides much needed insight on why the Crusades suffer from so much political misuse:

“How is it that medieval events can become so politicized in our time? … The Crusades and the Middle Ages have always fascinated the modern mind. In fact, each successive age of modernity has interpreted the Crusades through the often distorting lens of contemporary experience…. There is a popular vision of the Crusades that is distinct in the modern world that can be invoked politically by politicians in the U.S. or elsewhere. And this is a vision that is fundamentally crafted by Steven Runciman.”



About the Speaker

Brendan J. McGuire, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of History at Christendom College, where he has served on the faculty since 2007. He specializes in the study of religion in the medieval Mediterranean. McGuire received his doctorate in Medieval History from Saint Louis University, where he studied Islam under renowned scholar Hayrettin Yucesoy. His publications, both scholarly and popular, focus on relationships among Western, Byzantine, and Islamic leaders during the era of the crusades. McGuire has taught history, Latin, and Greek, and he lives in Front Royal, Virginia with his wife Susan and their three children.